It is never too late

to fall in love...

Adopt. Adopt. Adopt.

Complete an Application to Adopt Form in person

You come to our offices and complete an Application to Adopt Form specifying which type of pet you are interested in adopting, i.e. cat or dog. Once the application is completed you may browse through our kennels to see if there is a pet you are interested in adopting.

Note: We do not accept over the phone, by email, via Facebook or any other form of application to adopt except for coming into our offices in person.

Pre-Home Inspection

If you have find a pet which you are interested in adopting somebody from the SPCA will arrange a Pre-Home Inspection.

Note: If you have other pets you may be required to arrange a meet and greet with us so that your pets and the pet you are interested in adopting meet each other to see if they will get along.

Adoption Fee

If the Pre-Home Inspection has been approved you will need to pay the applicable Adoption Fee. The Adoption Fee includes sterilization, the vaccination, de-worming and an ID tag. (A microchip may be requested at an additional amount.)

Note: Confirm the adoption fee at our offices as it differs for all animals.


Once the SPCA has recieved your Adoption Fee an appointment will be arranged with our VET for sterilization. When the pet comes back from the VET you may come and collect the pet at our premises and take him/her home with you.

Note: We have our own VET for sterilization and no appointment will be made prior payment of the Adoption Fee. No animal will leave our premises without being sterilized.


  • From time to time Post-Home Inspections may be done.
  • We do not exchange ("swop") animals after an Adoption.
  • Our animal adoption procedure and adoption fee is not negotiable.
  • If you have any questions or is unsure of the adoption process you may contact us.